active stars

We’re all about inspiring people to make a lifelong habit out of being active and enjoying how fantastic it makes them feel. When we started to think about our new look, one thing we knew right from the start was that our people had to be part of it – and there for all to see. Here are some of the amazing stars who joined us on our recent inspiration and perspiration photoshoot.

Could you be an active star? Only one way to find out, and that’s to come along and join in the fun.

Like many teenage boys, Sam started pushing weights at 15 to get bigger arms to impress girls. Five years later and after two years in the gym, he’s up for competing in powerlifting and bodybuilding events. “I hope that my efforts will motivate others to become more active, healthier – and strong as hell too.”

At 16, Paul was a skinny, 6-foot-10-stone bag of bones (his words). Now 50, he’s still learning and being inspired by people who turn up at the gym day in day out to reach their goals. “These people inspire me more than anything, and I hope I do the same for them.”

Emma’s a women’s bodybuilding champion, coming first at the WBBF and qualifying for the UKUP British Finals in two categories. But she didn’t get her prizewinning bikini body by accident. She’s been riding her horse almost every day since she was a girl and now packing in at least four gym sessions a week. “I love seeing just how far I can push my body to get great results – almost anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

Ellie used here sportiness to rise above the bullies and make new friends at her new secondary school. Since then, she’s gone all the way from county athletics to aerial yoga and a degree in Ayurveda (Indian medicine). She developed a passion for yoga and spiritual wellbeing while travelling in India and Nepal. “I learned the importance of giving time to go slow – it isn’t always about going flat out for the burn or getting a fit-looking body (although that certainly is a perk!). It’s more about physical and mental strength and flexibility and a never say never attitude.”

Joining the gym, training and following a career in personal training/S&C was an unexpected and truly joyous path for Linden. It’s has provided him with experiences he never thought possible – like a 4-month internship in the USA – and an active lifestyle that he’ll happily follow forever. “It just goes to show that sometimes you have to go for it and try something new – it could turn out to be your best decision ever.”

James is a senior health and fitness advisor at Pelhams Park. And he loves his job. Inspiration is all around him every day – people with great physiques, strength and endurance. He finds keeping up an active lifestyle easy, but needs to keep his foodie habits in check. “Eating is probably my favourite hobby, with gym a close second, but keeping on track is easy enough if you have the willpower and right social influences around you.”