Dry Ice

A unique climb designed to reflect the ice axe technique used in real ice climbing. Climbers place their 'axes' in holes in the top of each hold, which also doubles as the foothold and work their way steadily up the climb.

Difficulty: 3/5


Invaders from space provide a super fun problem-solving challenge for 'astronuts' of all ages. the nasty aliens and reach that friendly smiley face at the top. Think carefully before making each move!

Difficulty: 1/5


This is a great challenge for first time visitors and younger children! A vertical maze to surprise and engage the brain. It's a great introduction to problem-solving techniques required when climbing!

Difficulty: 2/5


All of the iconic Astroball’s fun in a version that requires less ground space! Make your way through the 3D spheres and grab the little holds and the big handles to get to the top! The ever funny climb on a bright Challenge rich in surprises!

Difficulty: 4/5


The honeycomb created by these hexagonal shaped holds, with coloured holds determining the degree of difficulty. Some big moves are required depending on the colour of the route, but balance and good coordination are required in any case!

Difficulty: 1/5

Lightening Crack

Beautiful climbing wall in the form of a lightning bolt. Climbing a 'crack' is a unique challenge for climbers as it requires good body positioning to maintain balance. It's a very different and ultimately satisfying experience.

Difficulty: 3/5

Jungle Vines

With ropes and slatted footholds, this requires a different climbing technique. This requires good balance, strong arms and steady legs. Strength with patience and determination to follow the routes indicated by the rope colour.

Difficulty: 4/5