Gymnastics COVID-19 Secure

We believe, now more than ever, that being active, healthy and mindful are key to wellbeing and happiness.

Here is some guidance which we have produced in conjunction with advice from British Gymnastics. Please note this advice may be updated so look out for updates here and from your coach.

Under no circumstances should you bring your child to gymnastics if they, or anyone else in your family or friends circle has Coronavirus symptoms.

Get the latest NHS information and advice about coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our gymnastics community depends on everyone’s support. Know the symptoms – don’t take the risk.

At a glance


  • We have staggered start and finish times to ensure groups do not mix and allow for social distancing
  • Sorry – no wristbands, stamps or stickers at this time
  • A one-way system is in place and everyone is asked to maintain social distancing
  • Shoes are to be given to the adult at the door before going into the gym
  • The viewing area is now a class collection area
  • Gymnasts may bring a labelled drink of water into the gym

First Aid & Evacuation

  • In the event of an injury, coaches will comfort the gymnast, administer first aid and contact you
  • Coaches will wear PPE when giving first aid
  • Coaches may not be able to administer first aid whilst socially distancing
  • The head coach will also act as loco parentis in cases of emergency
  • The procedures, exit routes and assembly points remain the same during an emergency evacuation as before Covid-19
  • The Government has advised there is no need to socially distance when evacuating during an emergency

Gymnast Entry

  • Start times are staggered so groups do not mix
  • Every gymnast that enters the building will be signed in and registered for track and trace. Strictly no entry more than 10 mins after start of class
  • Ensure gymnasts are dressed ready for activity
  • Adults are encouraged to wear face masks at drop off
  • Walk the gymnast to the main gym door
  • Gymnasts to remove shoes by the gym door and their adult will take them away with them
  • Upon entry give coaches any medication such as EpiPen’s.
  • Gymnasts to sanitise their hands when entering the gym hall

Gymnast Pick Up

  • Finish times are staggered so groups do not mix
  • Classes will start to be dismissed 50 minutes after the start time
  • Please wait in the viewing/collection area on the spots provided no earlier than 5 minutes before the class is dismissed. Adults are encouraged to wear face masks.
  • Please wait outside until you are invited into the building
  • Gymnasts will sanitise their hands and will come to your spot and put their shoes on (don’t forget their shoes).
  • If you are going to be late collecting gymnasts, you must call the centre on 02393 200402. We will have a late pick up area by reception, gymnasts will be overseen by the duty manager until you arrive

Spotting and Social Distancing

Coaches are unable to support gymnasts through skills at this time due to following social distancing. However, coaches will always be close by to help recover a falling gymnast.  New equipment will give gymnasts help and support where coaches would have been until coaches are advised to start to support. The revised programme has more space to allow for spaced out set ups. Coaches and gymnasts are not required to wear masks at this time.


  • An increased cleaning schedule is in place
  • The building will be cleaned in the morning before opening. The gymnastics hall will also be cleaned before sessions paying particular attention to high touch areas
  • Coaches will clean the equipment after their group/bubble has finished, ensuring it is ready for the next group to use
  • New equipment has also been purchased to allow for easier and quicker cleaning

Viewing Area & Changing rooms

  • Viewing area is closed to all after school activities. The viewing area is open for daytime preschool classes but social distancing will be in place
  • We encourage parents with children aged 8+ not to stay. If you decide to stay, there is limited seating in the club rooms. This is limited this to one parent/guardian per gymnast and must wear a face mask in the waiting rooms
  • Changing rooms are closed at this time
  • Gymnasts can use the toilet in the gym – two accessible toilets will also be open

Entering the Gym

  • Go to the main entrance, stand on the socially distanced feet spacers which start on the ramp. Line up 5 minutes before your class e.g. 4pm class need to be lined up at 3.55pm.
  • A member of staff will open the front doors and allow entry. The gymnast and one parent will continue to follow the spots until they reach their normal gym door. Parents are encouraged to wear face mask during drop off.
  • Parents will hand over any medication to coach at the gym door. Gymnasts will remove shoes/jacket and give to their adult (sliders/slippers are ideal)
  • Gymnasts will sanitise their hands with provided hand sanitiser.
  • Gymnasts can then enter the gym and be marked present on the register. Adults are to follow the one-way system to exit the gym or enter the waiting area in the club room if they have a face mask.
  • Gymnasts will go to their pod area (dark blue mats) to put down their labelled drink bottle.
  • Gymnasts should then walk to their OWN marked out 2m x 2m square on the blue floor for warm up. Gymnasts will warm up, do badge work, flexibility work, conditioning and basic skills during this 15-minute period on the blue floor.