Kids & Family Classes


527 Classes

for children age 5-7 years

527 Tramp for Fun

Come for a bounce and try out some basic trampolining skills

527 FA Soccer

A coached session to develop your individual and team football skills

Family Classes

One of the best ways to help your children be more active is to start a habit of activity that includes them.

Maximum ratio: 1 adult to 2 children

Family Yoga

For Families with children over 5 years old. Yoga incorporates breathing, yoga poses and meditation. Who will be the ‘Yoga Star of the Week’?

813 Family

Pilates For families with children aged 8-13. Improve your flexibility, core and all over body strength

Family Circuits

For families with children aged 5-13. Have fun getting fit together. Fitness games and circuit style exercises so you have a good time, without realising you’re getting fit! Improve fitness, strength and stamina in our family circuits’ classes.

Family 813 Swim Skills

For families with children aged 8-13. Attendees must be able to swim two lengths confidently. Try out a range of skills including diving, snorkelling, fins, stroke technique and much more! Different every week. 

813 Open Gym

Adult and child open session.  Work out with your own pace. Children must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 or over. Adults must have had a full hour induction prior to the first session or be confident gym users as you will lead your child in your own gym workout. Children must complete an 813 PAR-Q. Instructor available for advice and ideas.

813 Club and Classes

813 Yoga

For the mind, body and soul

813 Club

A fun session that starts and ends in the gym. Improve your fitness, strength, balance and co-ordination in our structured gym sessions taught by gym instructors

813 Club 11+ Cardio Fit

Aimed at 11-13 year olds. A step up from 813 Club where you’ll be able to use CV equipment in gym area one on your own. Instructors will supervise. 

813 Swim Skills

Attendees must be able to swim at least two lengths confidently on front and back. A fun fitness session in the pool where you will get to improve on or learn new skills. Each week will be different and you’ll get to try our diving, personal survival, snorkelling, stroke technique, fins and much more!

Beyond 813

For young people in years 8 and 9. During the session each child will have a set programme to follow. We have a variety of programmes which will have a set programme to follow. We have a variety of programmes which will introduce them to the way a gym session should be structured and the concept behind types of training. Parents are welcome to come at the same time and follow the programme with them. This is an instructor lef session intended as a bridge between 813 Club and going to the gym on their own. On their 14th birthday they can book an induction where a member of the team will write them a personalised programme just for them! 

813 Tramp Club

Come for a bounce and try out some basic trampolining skills. Children will act as spotters for one another

813 Dance Club

Suitable for both boys and girls. taught by our qualified dance instructor Jason. Each week, the kids will get to work on a dance routine to the latest chart music. Come along to improve fitness and have a laugh!