Membership and getting started

Q: I’m thinking of cancelling my membership. Who do I contact?

A: Contact our team on 01202 055500.

Q: Is it free to park in the car park?

A: Yes, if you are using the centre you can park for 3 hours. If you are any longer you will need to come into the centre to be issued a parking permit.

Q: What is Littledown’s contact number?

A: Telephone: 01202 055500

Q: What is the address?

A: Littledown Centre, Chaseside, Bournemouth, BH7 7DX


Q: What are the opening times of the Gym?

A: Monday to Friday 6am-10pm. Saturday & Sunday 8am-6.30pm. Bank Holidays (inc. Saturday & Sunday) 8am-6pm. Last entry to the gym is 30 minutes before closing time.


Q: What age must a child be to swim alone?

A: 8 years old

Q: Can I bring 3 children under 8 swimming alone?

A: The ratio is 1 adult to 2 under 8yrs.

Q: What time is public swimming on before and after wet and wacky at Littledown at weekends?

A: 9-11.30am (teaching pool from 10am) and 4:15pm-6pm.

Q: What is the temperature and depth of the teaching pool?

A: 0.75m by the steps and at the deepest is 0.9m. Temperature is typically around 32 degrees.

Q: When are the slides open?

A: Term Time 11.50am-6pm on the weekends only. School Holidays Mon, Wed and Fri 11.00am-6pm Tue and Thur 11.50am-6pm


Q: How do I book classes?

A: Book online, using the BH Live Active app or in centre.

Q: Do we have a waiting list for classes?

A: Not currently, however, we are exploring ways to deliver this service to our customers.

Q: Can I move a Pay-As-You-Go class or have a refund?

A: The booking is non-refundable once booked but can be transferred up to 24 hours prior to the booked class.

Q: Can we book classes for other sites?

A: No, you need to contact each site separately or use our online classes booking system accessed via our website.