When Wayne Martinez told us that he wanted to share his story to inspire others to be more active we were immediately hooked.

In 2009, Wayne was a health and fitness advisor and was also a magician entertaining all ages with his magic show.

Then one evening, and out of the blue, he suffered four strokes and lost 90% of the use in his left hand side. He was told by doctors he would never walk or talk again. He stayed with his family in Wareham until 2012 when he decided to move back to Bournemouth for greater independence.

Having been so active before, Wayne was determined to rehabilitate himself and overcome his depression.

He started working out at Queen’s Park and training to build his confidence. He knew he had the support of the team and worked closely with fitness instructor, Ross Scully.

Ross supported Wayne all the way from when he could just about walk and barely lift. Wayne now trains most days, using weights to increase his strength and mobility. As well as physical exercise, communication with the team at Queen’s Park has greatly improved Wayne’s speech.

Now, four years since he re-joined the gym and seven years after his strokes Wayne can walk and talk again – something the doctor thought he’d never be able to do again!

He’s a great example of how the feel good endorphins, hard work and determination can literally change your life.

His message is to those who may be nervous about taking part in physical activity, whether it be because of disability, injury, current levels of fitness or weight. He has proven to himself and wants to tell others that if he can do it anyone can.

Wayne is at BH Live Active, Queen’s Park most days, and would love to share his story with you. Just say hi next time you see him, he is happy to help with any questions you may have.

If you are living with a health condition that you feel is holding you back, contact our team who can give you the support and encouragement you need to reach your goals.