Membership and getting started

Q: Do you have lockers in your centres?

A: Yes, swim and gym lockers operate with a token while the members-only changing zone require a padlock – locker tokens and padlocks can both be purchased at reception or you can use your own.

Q: Where can I leave my mobility scooter?

A: Although there is nowhere specific we will always try to accommodate mobility scooters. Generally, mobility scooters and pushchairs are left opposite the learner pool viewing area.


Q: Do I have to have a gym induction?

A: Yes, a gym induction is necessary even if you are feel you are experienced or competent at using gym equipment. 

Q: Can I access the health suite area with a gym/swim membership?

A: No, but if you would like to have access, then please talk to a member of the team about upgrading your membership.


Q: How many pool lanes are open at what times?

A: We are in the process of listing how many lanes are available at what times on the pool timetable within the website.

Q: Do I need to wear a swim band in the learner pool:

A: Yes, you will be issued a swim band when you purchase your swim ticket from reception. A swim band system operates during weekends, half terms and summer holidays. Sessions last an hour and bands can be purchased 15 minutes before the next session.

Q: Do spectators have to pay and admission fee?

A: No.

Sports Hall and Track and Field

Q: How long is a sports hall court booking?

A: All sports hall court bookings are 55 minutes long.

Q: How many days can I book a sports hall court in advance?

A: BH Live Active members can book a court 7 days in advance and casual users can book a court 3 days in advance. Court bookings can be made by either contacting the centre or in person.

Q: Can I bring my dog to the track and field area?

A: Assistance dogs and guide dogs are welcomed throughout our centres; however, pets are not permitted.