My Active Story

At BH Live Active we know how personal your health is, and we are really pleased you’ve let us be part of your journey to becoming more active.

Fitness and health can mean different things to different people. For some it may centre around a key moment in their lives that encapsulates why they first began their fitness journey and what it means to them. For others it may be a gradual process to help with the sport you love or keep up with your kids.

We know that sharing your story takes a lot of courage, but you built up the courage to hit the gym, make a splash in the pool or take part in a class for the first time, so we know you’ve got the confidence to share your story with us and to inspire people just like you.

We want to know your story. From where you started, your inspiration, your goals, how you achieved them and where you are today.

T & Cs: We would love to share your story to inspire others. Please indicate whether you are happy for us to do this when sharing your story with us via the link above.