New name to inspire more people to get active

Established in 2010 as a charitable trust and social enterprise, BH Live is the South Coast’s leading leisure and event operator with venues, attractions and leisure centres across Bournemouth and Portsmouth. As a social enterprise, getting more people active is one of our key social objectives.

We achieve this by engaging with communities to encourage participation in physical activity that brings about the health and wellbeing benefits of leading an active lifestyle. BH Live Active, promotes all aspects of physical activity and, together with a new visual identity, features our amazing customers and staff and represents our ambitions and objectives to get more people more active.

With nearly 3 million visits to our centres each year, people of all ages and abilities choose to get active with us; and it isn’t always simply about fitness – it can be for many reasons including improving health and wellbeing, rehabilitation and of course, having a great time with others.

BH Live Active also reflects the diverse range of activities we offer including; football, ice skating, elite and grass roots sports, gymnastics, volleyball and tennis alongside the more traditional activities of gym, swimming and group exercise classes. For some it can even mean an aerial adventure on our high ropes course, a scoot around our roller rink, a cycle ride or even taking a leisurely walk around a park!

However people choose to get moving more we are pleased to support and encourage them; after all it’s what we are all about and why we are here. As the New Year approaches and many are thinking about making a positive change, we feel that it is a great time to convey that message.

BH Live Active will be rolled out across our leisure centres in the New Year and part of this will include a new website, bringing all of our separate centre websites together. The site includes a new feature called Active Stars. These are people who choose to regularly get active with us and have an inspirational and motivational story to tell.

Our new name and identity is the only thing that’s changing – it’s still the same people operating and we continue to provide outstanding value for money memberships alongside pay-as-you-go access to all of our centres.

Happy New Year to you and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our centres very soon.