junior coaching

Unstructured Gym Tinys (Toddlers – 3 years)

Fantastic fun sessions for toddlers and adults to play and explore the gym together.

Structured Gym Tinys  (Toddlers – 3 years)

Delivered in a fun and friendly environment, toddlers will learn the basic gym skills of balance and coordination in a coach led session, with their parent.

Gymtots (3-4 years)

Children from 3 years will develop their skills in an exciting and enjoyable coach led session. Gymtots will participate in gaining British Gymnastics Pre School Badges 1,2 & 3.

GYMINIS (4-7 years)

Learn and develop the basics in an enjoyable recreational session using fun set ups & pitted apparatus, earning British Gymnastics badges along the way.

GYMIDIS (7-15 years)

Come and learn a variety of skills, building confidence along the way through these exciting sessions, which include the use of Olympic apparatus. British Gymnastics Badges will be attained to celebrate achievements along the way.

GYMAXIS (Advanced)

Advanced sessions will look to develop body conditioning, technique and more advanced skills to enable attendees to be confident and competition ready. This session is invitation only.

junior sessions

FreeG (10-16 years)

Express the freestyler in you and work on floor skills and tricks in our fantastic freestyle session. From pits to vaulting there’s something for everyone!

Teen Gym (Girls 12+)

Girls, come down and have some fun, setting the skills you want to learn and exploring different techniques along the way. Older teenagers will also have the opportunity to volunteer and earn leadership awards along the way.