mountbatten leisure centre – case study 1

  My wife, Margaret, had a stroke in December just over a year ago. Since then she has been successfully progressing through a variety of rehabilitation processes devised firstly by the Portsmouth Community Stroke Team, then by the Neurological Stroke Team and now with a supervised stroke recovery programme in the Gymnasium devised by your consultants Claire Warburton. The programme provides for a series of targeted exercises which also aim at building Margaret’s confidence. The overall care that Claire provides can only be said to be exemplary in embracing both her physical and social needs. It is clearly evident that for Claire her work is not just a job, it is for her a vocation and, as such, she deserves wide recognition for what she is doing not only for Margaret but all the other clients in her care. Claire is a highly skilled professional and takes a holistic approach in her work. She has strong observational skills, missing nothing – a true role model for her junior colleagues. She always carries out her responsibilities with determination and diligence. Claire’s approach is very much client focused and she gets to know each client quickly. She is extremely sensitive to the social and physical needs of each of her clients. Her insight is clearly manifested in the day to day management of the exercise routines which are tailored to the variable physical and mental state of her clients. As a person Claire is always approachable, friendly and good humoured. She demonstrates a total commitment for her work and is inspirational to her clients and colleagues alike. She has a natural sensitivity that is blended with an inner core of steel. We cannot thank Claire enough for what she has and continues to achieve for Margaret. We would be grateful if you could formally pass on our thanks to Claire. For us she is a Gem!

Chris and Margaret