Portsmouth Interaction

Portsmouth interaction provides a service for people living within the city who are experiencing ill mental health. Through offering a variety of low cost recreational activities from fitness to wellbeing, the scheme looks to pave a way for people to build new skills and gain confidence to allow them to move back into mainstream groups. Support staff, who are specially trained to support clients with a range of conditions, will be on hand to help along the way, offering regular progress reviews.


What do the activities include?

Swimming, cycling, local walks, racket sports, snooker, allotment work, and gym fitness.


How can the service help me? 

–  Increased fitness

– Increased strength

– Increased confidence

– Improve mental health

– Better self esteem

– The opportunity to help you make new friends

– Improved flexibility, balance, core strength, muscle tone

 – Weight management and higher knowledge on leading a healthy lifestyle


How can I sign up?

If you suffer with any mental ill health, please consult your GP or health professional about getting a referral. You may also self refer by contacting us. Once we have received your form, we will contact you to book you in for your welcome consultation. Your interaction consultant will lead you through every stage, giving you advice and support along the way.


What happens once my time on the scheme is complete?

The interaction service looks to introduce clients back into mainstream groups and our Exercise Referral Scheme is perfect in continuing this journey. The scheme aims to give those who have a health condition a safe and supported exercise journey, with regular appointments throughout a 12 week programme and achieving goals based upon an individual’s needs along the way.



 “If I didn’t have Interaction I would wander the streets with nothing to do.  Attending Interaction makes me feel like I am part of the community and helps me meet people with similar problems that understand how I feel and what I am going through”

“It’s a sociable service that allows me to meet people, enjoy myself and speak to someone if I am feeling low”

‘”I have not had a hospital admission since joining the service, before Interaction I was in and out of hospital” 

“Thanks to the support of Staff and service users, I am now back at work full time, they got me through a very traumatic time in my life, and helped me back on the road to recovery”

 “I can meet other people and it gets me out and I wouldn’t if Interaction wasn’t there”


For further information: 

For further information or to get started contact Portsmouth Interaction below either by email or telephone – 02393 200369

If you are a health professional – please send client referral forms to Portsmouth Interaction