Please note that we reserve the right to amend these Rules and Regulations or make further Rules and Regulations so as to ensure the safety of our members and/or guests and to ensure that our facilities and centres operate effectively.



You – any person using the centre facilities under your membership

Linked member – Anyone who is linked to your membership

Your entire membership – your membership and the membership of your linked members

We and us – BH Live

Your centre – the BH Live centre which you have applied to join


1.   General

a.   As your safety is our main priority, we do not allow crockery or glasses outside our cafés and bars unless we have organised this.

b.   We do not allow pets (except for registered working assistance dogs) in the centre.

c.   To protect the safety of all members and guests, you must pay particular attention to all signs relating to health and safety in our centres. If you do not understand a notice or sign please ask one of our team members at the centre.

d.   Fire exits are clearly marked throughout our centres. If there is a fire or if you hear the fire alarm, you should make your way out of the centre through the nearest possible exit to the advertised assembly point in the car park.

e.   If you suffer an accident or injury on our premises, you must report it and the circumstances under which it happened to the senior manager on duty immediately.

f.   For legal and health reasons, you must not smoke, including; e-cigarettes, while using any of the centre facilities and grounds.

g.   While you are at the centre, we expect you to behave appropriately, respectfully and politely, and dress appropriately, at all times. We can prevent you from entering the centre or ask you to leave if we think that your behaviour or appearance is not suitable.

h.   You should not use the centre if you have an infectious illness or condition.

i.   For your safety, when using the tennis, badminton, artificial pitches, you must wear appropriate footwear for the playing surface (for example, non-marking smooth-soled shoes on carpet courts).


2.   Your children’s health and safety

a.   Children aged seven or under must be supervised at all times by a person aged 18 years and over. If children are attending an activity we organise at the centre, where the child has been signed in, the parent or guardian may leave the activity area but must remain within the centre. We recommend that all children under 14 years of age are supervised at all times by a person over 18 years of age. In centres where family changing rooms are not available, children over the age of eight can use the changing rooms without supervision.

b.   If your child is at a supervised activity, he or she must be registered with the person in charge of the activity, who must also have details of who will be collecting your child. We will not allow any other person to collect your child unless you have made a specific arrangement beforehand with the person you have left your child with.

c.   We offer an Ofsted registered crèche facility at the Littledown Centre for children aged from three months up to five years. All our employees who work with children are DBS checked. You can book a morning session (Monday to Friday) for up to three and a half hours. At least one parent or guardian must stay on the premises at all times while your child is in the crèche. You must provide any nappies, food, drink and toiletries your child will need.

d.   Parents or adult carers need to fill in registration forms for all children before they take part in any activities.

e.   You must not bring your children into the centre if they have an infectious illness or condition.

f.   Children aged eight or over must use the men’s or women’s changing rooms, according to their sex (or a family changing room, if one is available).

g.   Children aged 15 or under must not use the sauna, steam room, spa, free weights and any classes that use weights.

h.   Children aged 13 or under may use the gym only when there is an organised activity for them.


3.   Car park

a.   Most of our centres provide customer car parking up to 3 hours without charge. Some of our centres utilise Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and only allow free parking for drop offs and collections before parking charges apply. Please check parking arrangements at each centre to avoid a parking penalty. You must only park in marked parking bays. If you do not have a Blue Badge for accessible parking you must not park in the reserved spaces.

b.   We do not guarantee that car parking is available at any of our centres.

c.    You park in the car park at your own risk. We do not accept liability for any loss or damage to your car, or personal belongings in it, while you are parked in our car park.


4.   Swimming pool, sauna, spa and steam room

We have written this section with guidance from the Pool Water treatment Advisory Group.

a.   For health and hygiene reasons, you must make sure you and your children shower and use the toilet before entering the pool, spa, steam room or sauna.

b.   You must at all times follow the pool, spa, sauna and steam-room rules and guidelines displayed in the centre and any instructions a lifeguard or manager gives you.

c.   We may reserve the pool at certain times for adult-only swimming, aqua-aerobics classes, lessons or children’s activities. We will always try to let you know beforehand about these sessions by putting details on the centre’s website, programme and timetable.

d.   Items (such as floats and inflatable items) that may prevent other members from enjoying our facilities will only be allowed at set times (ask at reception for details).

e.   You are not allowed to use snorkels, masks, fins, flippers, paddles, radios or lilos in the centre pools.

f.   You are not allowed to shave, exfoliate (remove dead skin), use oils or conditioners or eat in the pool, spa, steam room or sauna.

g.   Persons who are incontinent, or youngsters who are not toilet-trained, must wear appropriate swim protection such as swim nappies or incontinence swimwear. Nappies: all babies, infants and young children who are not toilet-trained should wear aqua nappies underneath their swim suit or a nappy swimming costume.

h.   Children under 8 must be accompanied in the swimming pool by a person at least 16 years or over, even when a lifeguard is present. Maximum ratio in the swimming pool allowed is two children under 8 to one adult. Certain pools have a maximum ratio of one child under 8 to one adult. Please check with the centre prior to travel.

i.   Children aged 15 and under cannot use the pools or pool area at adult-only swim times.

j.   You should not use the sauna for longer than the recommended time.


5.   Lockers

a.   You bring all personal belongings to the centre at your own risk. We do not accept legal responsibility for any loss or damage to these items.

b.   If you lose a key or padlock to any locker you have hired, you will have to pay a fee to cover the cost of a new key or padlock as appropriate.

c.   If you leave your belongings in a locker overnight, we have the right to remove your belongings. You can claim the belongings we have removed from the centre reception for up to one month after we remove them. After this time, we will not be responsible for the belongings.

d.   If you find lost property, you must hand it into the centre reception immediately. We will hold items for one month only before giving them to charity.


6.   Gym and fitness facilities

Our aim is to make you feel better, and we try to make this as much fun as possible. We know that everyone has different aims, levels of skill, tolerance and fitness. Every moment you spend with one of our qualified gym team is designed to focus on your needs.

a.   Before you start using the gym or fitness equipment, we will ask you to read a health commitment statement and have a supervised gym induction session with one of our qualified fitness instructors.

b.   Only qualified fitness instructors will set you an exercise programme. We fully support the Register of Exercise Professionals and all of our qualified coaches will either be on the register or will have applied to be on it.

c.   If you have concerns about your physical condition, you must not do strenuous physical activities without first getting medical advice.

d.   To make sure you get the most from every activity that you do at the centre in the safest possible way, you should always make sure that you warm up properly and take time to cool down after your activity.

e.   You should not take part in any physical activity that you may not be fit for. You are responsible for monitoring your own condition during physical activity.

f.   You should tell the Duty Manager, a qualified coach or a member of the membership team when you join about anything that is relevant to your physical condition. You should continue to keep this information up to date throughout your membership.

g.   You are responsible for monitoring your own physical condition. If you suffer any unusual symptoms, you must immediately stop the activity and tell a health and fitness instructor or any other member of staff at the centre.


7.   Racket sports facilities

a.   Our tennis professionals are on the Lawn Tennis Association Register. 

b.   Non marking shoes to be worn at all times

c.   Drinks only in bottles with fully closed sports cap

d.   No food or chewing gum on court

e.   T-shirt to be worn at all times

f.   Please wait for the point to be finished before crossing a court

g. Tennis Membership holders are entitled to book up to 3 hours indoor court usage per week and unlimited outdoors usage, subject to availability. A minimum guest charge of £10 for singles or £5 per person for doubles applies to indoor courts. A minimum guest charge of £3 for singles or £1.50 per person for doubles applies to outdoor courts.


8.   Booking Activities

a. Where applicable for all bookable activities, members may book seven days in advance. Payment is required at the time of booking for activities not covered by membership.

b. For activities included in membership, members are required to give a minimum of two hours’ notice to cancel a class. For early morning classes up until 9.00am, only one hours’ notice is required.

c. You will incur a full non-member charge, if, on three occasions and all subsequent occasions, within a 60 day rolling period, you do not:

  • attend a class that you have booked on to
  • cancel an unwanted booking within the required time frames
  • collect and hand in a class ticket

 d. We reserve the right to amend or cancel any of its activity programme due to circumstances beyond our control. No compensation for whatever reason will be given.

 e. Your membership card, access dot or wristband will be required at all times to enable you to obtain an activity or facility ticket from a kiosk or from customer service. Tickets must be shown at activities or facilities in conjunction with your membership card.

f. Access to facilities and activities will be as per the operating times and programme.

g. The current booking terms and conditions are available on our website at These rules are part of your terms and conditions of use and include rules on how and when you can book and information we need from you to allow you to book.

h. We may change our booking terms and conditions from time to time and we will tell you about any changes. Or you can ask us for a copy of the terms and conditions at any time to check whether we have made any changes.

i. The booking of overlapping classes is not allowed and will result in all but the most recent booking being released.

9.   Photographs and videos

a.   You may take photographs and video recordings in your centre for your own personal use provided that you keep to these rules and any extra rules displayed at your centre.

b.   You must not take photographs or videos of any children other than your own.

c.   Anyone who appears in your photographs or videos must be aware that you are filming them and you must get their permission first.

d.   You must not take photographs or video recordings in a changing area, pool, pool viewing areas, sauna, steam room, spa, toilet, children’s play area or crèche facility or anywhere that specifies devices are not permitted.

e.   If another member is unhappy that you are filming them and makes a complaint to us, we may ask you to show us any images which you have taken in the centre and to delete them if appropriate. If a member of our team asks you to stop filming or taking photographs you must do so.



10.   Personal Training

These apply to your purchase of all Personal Training packages.

a.   There is a 3-month minimum commitment to all direct debit Personal Training package purchases.

b.   Additional sessions can be added at any time for direct debit Personal Training, and can only be purchased by those who have selected the direct debit Personal Training option.

c.   Sessions can be purchased online or in person with the reception team of your centre.

d.   All payments must be made in full prior to any sessions being undertaken.

e.   We require a minimum of 24 hours’ prior notice of any cancellation of any Personal Training sessions.

f.   If you do not provide a minimum of 24 hours’ prior notice, you may lose that session and no refund will be made to you.

g.   If you have completed 3 full months of direct debit Personal Training and you choose to finish your sessions going forward, you must notify your gym and we recommend that you do so in writing by email or letter to your centre or by filling out the cancellation form.

h.   If you want to cancel or change your direct debit you must tell us about the change by midnight in the 4th day of the month.

i.   If for any reason you are unhappy with your Personal Trainer, you may transfer to another personal trainer at any given time.

j.   In all circumstances, any sessions used with the previous Personal Trainer remain used.

k.   If your Personal Trainer leaves the club, no refund will be given and you will be assigned another personal trainer by the centre.

l.   Your Personal Trainer cannot prescribe treatment or diagnose medical conditions. They may at any time ask to consult with your GP should any medical condition arise.

m.   All Personal Training package purchases have a 90 day expiry, after which time any unused sessions will be lost and no refund will be made. This is to ensure we deliver all your required sessions to enable you to achieve your goals.


11. Swimming Lessons

a. There is a 3 month minimum commitment to all direct debit Swimming Academy Memberships

b. Swimming Academy members signed up to a 50 week programme are entitled to free swimming at their home site. The following sites offer free swimming Pelhams, Stokewood and Corfe and are subject to availability.

c. Spectator viewing is restricted at Corfe Mullen.

d. Due to sickness, staff training or teachers leaving the employment of the swimming academy, it may be necessary for your child’s teacher to change. We will endeavour to inform you of any changes, but this is not always possible at short notice.