Trampolining Courses


We operate a term time only programme in line with Bournemouth school dates, courses will be booked and paid for in 12 week blocks, however you can start a 12 week block at any time – you don’t have to start at the beginning of the term.

12 week block of 55 minute sessions £82.80

12 week block of 50 minute sessions £75.25

Courses for children in reception to year 11

From Monday 7 January

No lessons Monday 18 February (Half Term)

3.45-4.40pm (55 mins) Fabiana/Clive/Katharine

4.40-5.35pm (55 mins) Fabiana/Clive/Katharine

5.35-6.30pm (55 mins) Clive

From Thursday 10 January

No lessons Thursday 21 February (Half Term)

3.45-4.40pm (55 mins) Clive/Fabiana/Ella

4.40-5.30pm (50 mins) Clive/Fabiana/Ella

From Friday 11 January

No lessons Friday 22 February (Half Term)

3.45-4.40pm (55 mins) Ella/Clive

4.40-5.35pm (55 mins) Ella/Clive

5.35-6.30pm (55 mins) Ella 11-17 years only/Clive

Courses for children 3-16 years

From Saturday 12 January

No lessons Saturday 23 February (half term) 

11.15-12.10pm (55 mins) Clive

12.15-1.10pm (55 mins) Clive

1.15-2.10pm (55 mins) Clive

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PAYG Trampolining

Early Years Open Sessions

3-5 years

£5.70 per week (Members FREE)

Wednesday 1.15-2pm

Thursday 10-10.40am

Home Education / Open Session 

3-16 years

£6 per week (Members FREE)

Wednesday 2-2.55pm

Open Session 11-17 years

£7 per week (Members £5)

Monday 5.35-6.30pm