Swimming Crash Courses

Swimming Crash Courses

Swimming crash courses run at Mountbatten, Eastney and Charter during the summer holidays.

Class Descriptions

For children aged 3-4.5 years. Introduction to early water confidence skills.

Stage 1 
For non-swimmer children aged 4+. Introduction to safety awareness and water confidence and buoyancy skills.

Stage 2
For water confident children aged 4+. Covering early swimming skills to develop independent travel.

Stage 3
For children that can swim 5m on their front and back unaided. Working on basic stroke and submersion skills.

Stage 4
For children that can swim 10m in basic strokes. Working on developing stroke technique and rotation skills.

Adult Improver
For adults able to swim 10m in basic front crawl and backstroke. Developing stroke technique and stamina.

Adult non-swimmer
For adults unable to swim 5m on front and back unaided. Introduction to basic water confidence skills.

Rookie lifeguards
Lessons in valuable survival, rescue and sports skills needed to be confident in the pool or sea. Teaches children to swim and enjoy water safely.

Improve your breaststroke
Improve your stroke technique and work on breathing and timing to produce anefficient breaststroke. Stage 4 and above.

Improve your front crawl
Improve stroke and breathing techniques and build up stamina. Stage 4 and above.

Water polo skills
An introduction to basic water polo skills and gameplay. Delivered by a qualified water polo coach.

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