early years lessons

from 4 months to 4½ years

Have fun and enjoy the water and group activities, while building basic skills for independent swimming and water confidence. All floats and swimming aids are provided. We have classes for all abilities. Follow our guidelines to choose the right one for your child.


The following courses require a parent/carer in the water

Adult and Baby (3-9 months and 9-15 months)
Structured courses to develop water confidence for a parent and baby through progressive practices. Covers early skills through songs and movement

Adult and Toddler (15 months-2 years)
Structured course to increase water confidence and develop water awareness through play. Helps develop co-ordination, mobility, language and social skills through a fun approach to swimming

Adult and Child (2-3½ years)
Structured course for a small group in the splash pool to develop independent swimming skills through play, songs and movement

Pre School 1 with parent/carer in the water (2 years 9 months-3½ years)
For children who have achieved Duckling 2. Covers Pre School 1 criteria with a parent/carer accompanying the child in the water. When they reach 3 years of age they can go into Pre School 1 or 2 without an adult to accompany them

Pre School for children 3-4½ years


These courses are run without requiring a parent/carer in the water

Pre School 1
Promotes water confidence and develops swimming skills. The children are encouraged to swim on their own with appropriate teaching aids, which will be gradually reduced as they progress

Pre School 2
A progression from Pre School 1, for children who are water confident, can jump in, go under water and swim on their front and backs confidently with minimal teaching aids

Pre School 3
For children who are water confident, can jump in, go under water and swim one width of the Teaching Pool on their front and back without any teaching aids. They will progress through the three main swimming strokes, learning breathing skills and stroke development

Course Fees for April-July

12 week term £71.40

11 week term £65.45

No lessons – Monday 1 May (Bank Holiday) and Half Term Monday 29 May-Sunday 4 June


Private Swimming Lessons

Learn to swim or improve your swimming strokes and skills whatever your ability

One pupil to one teacher – £22.50 for 30 minutes

Two pupils to one teacher – £32.00 for 30 minutes

Direct debit option available

If you book and pay for a block of five private lessons in advance, you’ll get the sixth lesson free

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